I had my first son at 19 years old. I had to take care of him on my own for the first 2 years of his life. My family was in Cuba with out any possibilities to be by my side. I lived very sad moments, in which I lost confidence and joy. I didn’t know how to take head on the raising of a child and I was afraid of doing it wrong in every moment. I always asked myself what if I was a little girl again? and I remembered my childhood, happy, naive.

My life was not always like that, I had a very happy childhood, everything was bright. Children are not afraid to make mistakes, if they are not sure they just throw themselves. Seeing my son grow I started to think about these ideas and I always came up with the same question: what makes you feel confident, and what are the essential element to feel that way. Without a doubt one of these elements is understanding that we are unique souls and that makes us special, we have to accept and love as we are. Another element that I find necessary is clothing, fashion and style.

I always remember these words from my grandma: if you are not ready for the worst you will never be good. She was a happy and joyful woman, and I remember the importance she gave her image, and how she called the attention anywhere she went.

Being a mother is not an easy task, but at the same time my son was the strength to move forward and take a new turn on my life. The first element to feel confident is know you have to believe in yourself.

“Your presence is known before you say your first word”